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I have been a Clipper programmer since 1987. Before that I worked with dBase III, WordTech Quicksilver and FoxBase. Although I don't use Clipper as much today as I used to, I still have several Clipper applications running every day taking care of the business needs of a number of clients.

I used to be a member of the Clipper Forum on Compuserve, and when it was closed, I moved over to the comp.lang.clipper newgroup on Usenet, where I participate regularly, especially in threads related to Windows NT configuration for Clipper applications, Clipper's processor hogging and printing from Clipper on LaserJet printers. These pages were set up in response to discussions held on c.l.c.



FT_IAmIdle(), The NFPAT1A patch for the Nanforum Toolkit or How to make your Clipper application release time slices when running under Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP


The LFN Library

The LFN Library for Clipper is a set of functions for handling long file names in Clipper applications


The LanMan Library

The LanMan Library for Clipper is a set of functions for working with Microsoft Network system calls


The Euro Macros

A collection of PCL5 macros for printing the Euro character on LaserJet printers and compatibles


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Please only send emails related to this web site. General Clipper support questions are best asked in the comp.lang.clipper newsgroup