The LFN Library for Clipper - Caution and Disclaimer

A Word of Caution

The functions in the LFN library are low-level functions that allow you to create and delete files and directories and to overwrite existing files with new content.

Since they allow low-level access to DOS files and devices they should be used with extreme care. They also require a thorough knowledge of the operating system. Incorrect use may cause irrepairable damage to the file system.

I have tested with Clipper 5.2e and Blinker 5.1 and found that the functions work in both real and extended mode. I have not tested with any other linker, so it is possible that the DOS services called by the LFN library are not supported in all environments.

There are known differences in the way that certain DOS services function between different Windows versions (some are reported in Ralf Brown's Interrupt List), which may cause some inconsistencies in the behavior of some of the LFN library functions. Windows NT4 does not support long file names at all in the NTVDM (the NT Virtual DOS Machine), so there is no official way to use the LFN library in that environment.

The extended get/set attributes functions are known to give very different results between different Windows versions, so you have to be careful when using them and preferably call LF_7143Supp() first to make sure that they work in your environment.


Although I have checked everything thoroughly on my systems without problems, I cannot guarantee that the library functions will work correctly under all circumstances (please see the overview section for details on the current status). I will not take any responsibility for damage or loss of data incured whilst using the software. You use it entirely at your own risk. By using the software you agree to these terms.

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This document was last revised on 2007-10-01